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Our founder entered the vending machine space with $3,000 and a dream. That passion translated into helping others scale their businesses in the smart kiosk industry. Our area of expertise is scaling businesses by expanding their reach beyond the brick-and-mortar storefront. We can reduce your company’s physical footprint, while expanding your overall reach into high foot traffic locations outside of the traditional storefront location. The world is moving to a fully automated realm, from screens that take food orders, to clothing kiosks in malls and airports, the possibilities are endless. We at Vendplicity, believe if you have an idea and a budget, we can bring your idea to life. Let us show you why Vendplicity is the best kiosk company in the River Valley.

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Take your business concept to the next level.

Vendplicity provides businesses seeking to scale and automate their companies with an array of options in a smart kiosk environment.  We optimize media, technology, dispensing, social media, and even video games and scale them to fit the needs of business owners.  

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